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Hi8, Video 8, Digital 8, S-VHS, and VHS Video Tape Conversion To DVD

Videotapes generally has a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years. This of course depends on a lot of factors. The number of plays, storage, heat, moisture, and many other factors affect how long a tape will actually still produce an acceptable picture without dropouts or a loss of color.

The best way to help preserve a tape is to transfer it to a DVD and as new technology comes in to the newer media.

Once on DVD, the quality will not degrade even if many copies are made to newer digital media. DVD's when properly handled and care for will last many years. Some estimates  rate DVD's to last 30 years plus. However, as new technology replaces DVD's, they should be transferred to the newer media (players tend to disappear over time as new players are introduced).

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